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The Stop Jihadist's Terrorism Page.

Jihadist's Terrorism Can Be Stopped !!!

The Author And Scientist Anthony W Johns.

A Picture Of The Author.

Organic Brains Are Biological Computers: Chemical Computers.

On day one, the day you were born you could have been split up from your family and transported by air-plane to a different family, traveling to any of the global cultures within a day, and you would start to be programmed with an awareness for this new family and with their culture.

You would learn the spoken language, the accent, the customs, you would learn to love brothers and sisters and friends, and you would have no knowledge that you were different unless you had a different colour skin, or different shape face, or you were a lot smaller or taller than the people in your new family.

You would learn the religion for that area, you would visit places in the local area, local and further afield, you would within a few years go to school and be absolutely a part of that culture. If your parents did not tell you that you were not their child, you would never know, you would cuddle and play with your new mum and dad and the family.

So, from the moment you are born you can be placed anywhere on this planet and be programmed with that environment, and this new environment would be your absolute environmental survival program.

There Is No Paranormal.

For 150 years eminent psychologists have searched to find credence for religion and the paranormal, no evidence to support paranormal belief has been found. Outstanding in this field of research is the eminent British parapsychologist Dr. Susan Blackmore who with her students and colleagues researching for 40 years could not find one shred of evidence for the paranormal.

A skeptic James Randi has offered a one million dollar prize for just over fifty years to any person that can present to him and his scientific educational establishment scientific evidence of paranormal phenomena, no person to date has satisfied this criterion and collected the prize. There is no paranormal: it is just delusion. Reference .

This Must Never Happen Again.

The Long Term Solution.

If spiritual religion is not eradicated religious extremists brain washed with their spiritual religion silliness will still be around in One Hundred years time assessing that they are going to heaven to seduce Seventy Two Virgins when they strap themselves to explosives to detonate in global destinations to try to destroy the peaceful happy scientific way of life in our communities. The Jihadist's movement must not win.

Logical proven science in my free e-book which is an encyclopedia on the working of the human brain, ( no sign up or email details to be entered ) - The Brain: Natures Own Computer - is the way forward for our species to bring about an end to the hundreds of spiritual religions that are brain washed through their respective communities.

So, you can now see how religious terrorism can be stopped, I am on a small pension and I need financial support to promote the above ideology on social networking sites, crowd-funding sites, and advertisements in newspapers, journals and magazines.

POP STARS. You are vulnerable to Jihadist's terrorism at your concerts remember the November 2015 Paris Attack and the recent Manchester Arena concert attack in Manchester England . Donate .

My Work will make you think, if my work disturbs you form a group of people to discuss my work in meeting rooms without getting violently emotional to agree the logic in my work and educate more people to the science.

Mental Illness. In fully understanding how your brain works in many instances of mental illness you will be able to quickly work out the cause of your mental illness and quickly heal your brain.

Dementia. Most of dementia is caused by the loss of long term partner at the end of a long debilitating illness. This causes thought loop confusion. Is there a God? Am I going to heaven? Will I be reincarnated? Did I pick the right religion: is evolution true? What is this all about?

There Is A Cause. This cause is to eradicate religious terrorism and quickly get us through this time period of mental de:stability to achieve the perfection so desired by our species.

Any money contributed to the cause, receipts for expenditure will be published on line, and contributors can remain anonymous. Mental illness charities globally will be contacted about my work. I will remain on my small pension and I will only use contributed money to promote the cause.

Contributors Note. Contributors are invited to discuss and input intelligence as to the way their contributed money is spent and their wishes will be strictly adhered too, Contact Me . How the contributors money can be spent is detailed on this Donate page.

The New Order. Jihadist's terrorists and Hate Preachers! Shoot them with bacon laced bullets and process their bodies in to canned or dry dog food to avoid funeral costs.

Criminals. Slowly release the less dangerous offenders with the instruction that with conclusive evidence if you re:offend you will be executed without trial and processed in to animal food.

Repeat Offenders. Our planet is overpopulated. The people need reducing !!! Globally if repeat offenders that cause so much psychological damage to businesses and individuals are destroyed by governments:s would the global revenue raised provide for all our planets honest people to have a good Basic Income ? Reference .

Global Warming. We Must Save This Planet!!! It is a proven scientific fact that global warming is happening, if you meet people that do not agree with this tell them they are ignorant and that you do not mix with ignorant people and walk away.

Promote My Work. Promote my work on Social Media. Send it viral. Let us address every problem on this planet "To Ensure Our Species Gets Eternal Life." Please Contact Me to discuss how you can help.

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