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The Author And Scientist Anthony W Johns.

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Fund Raising 2018.

A pledge from the author, scientist, MD
and proprietor of this site, Anthony W Johns.


To Help Along With Other Proven Scientific Disciplines:
To Defeat Terrorism, Mental Illness, and Spiritual Religions.

My free e-book, "The Brain: Natures Own Computer." Will always be a free download!

There will always a be a Free Artwork Download
to support psychology and science lessons in schools.

Primary Target: 100,000 UK pounds, (or 100,000 US Dollars), will pay for -

New internet sites and books in different languages for the promotion of my work.

A radio station transmitting my ideology in Arabic to convert ISIS
Supporters Away From Killing People.

Secondary Target: 10,000 UK pounds, (or 10,000 US Dollars), will pay for -

Funding to make this site a non profit registered charity.

Funding for a nicely presented low retail price paperback book.

Funding for the creation of YouTube Support videos.

A Nice Gift !!! Two supporting free high quality T-Shirts for donations
of 100 pounds, ( or 100 US Dollars ), Or More.

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