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What Is Love? Love Explained! Brainmemorymaps.com

When you are born there are no love maps in your brain for parents, friends,relatives. The love maps are built on a day to day basis over over time and if your friends and relatives show you love this will give you positive future good health and longevity. The graph below illustrates how these individual love maps rise in daily steps over time.

The brain is an accurate percentage calculating machine, a calculating biological computer. The graph below illustrates the percentages of the brain programs that have been built with love in a fourteen year old girls brain. These programs will change on a day to day basis as this girl proceeds through time with her life.

On this Brainmemorymaps.com website the reader will be able to download a free ebook that explains in graphs, text, charts, and tables in simple to read text for the child and adult reader to understand every aspect of their brain to: plan and enjoy as much of their life as is humanly possible.

Readers will be able to create their assessment of love maps for their friends and relatives and be able to save these love maps as tables for reference and posterity.

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